Damijan Podversic

«Today I feel a lucky person, because I realized my childhood dreams.» Damijan Podversic

Stefano Tortini
Owner, design studio ARTHA

«Creative by vocation, drinker by passion.
I see both in the grafic and wine world the same qualities: beauty, emotion, character.
I have met Damijan between a vertical and some jokes, so he enter in the agency and me in the vineyards.
From then was born a strong collaboration but especially a sincere friendship.»

Ignazio Vok

Architect by profession and passion, always searching for the beauty, even in the smallest details. Author and visionar of the cellar and the glass.

Natale Favretto
Degustative consultant
Enolog by vocation with an important role of confrontation. Partner of the walks and decisions among vines and barrels.

Giampaolo Penco
Owner and Filmmaker, film studio VIDEOEST
«A great work of art is not always made by a great artist. In case of Damijan, a great wine is the work of a great person and of his family. How can’t you feel connected.» Giampaolo Penco, filmmaker VIDEOEST

Paolo Antoniazzi
Agronomy consultant
Man with a big knowledge connected to the nature. With his advice we keep the balance in the vineyards.

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